5 Qualities of an Effective Leader

When it comes to being a leader, some people are good at it and some people are not. What makes those that are good leaders, a good leader? We have all seen it, where someone get promoted or hired into a leadership or supervisory role, but they don’t know how to be a good boss. They make everyone who work for them unhappy, and eventually no one want to work with them.

We want to help change those bad leaders into great leaders. Here are 7 qualities of an effective leader. With these qualities, everyone will want to work with them.

The New England Team Annual Kickoff

  1. Inspire Change. – An effective leader will listen to the ideas of the team, and will help make informed decisions instead of knee jerk reactions. When a team member brings an idea to the table, instead of immediately dismissing the idea, an effective leader will listen to and consider all aspects before making a decision. Team member will know their ideas will be heard, and will bring more ideas to the table.


  1. Know how to communicate effectively – Let’s face it, communication is one of the most important aspects of being an effective leader. If you can’t convey you vision to your team, then they can’t help fulfil that vision. Being able to share your vision is not the only thing, but an effective leader also knows how use their words to motivate and inspire their team. Your words have power, and when we us the right words, that power will produce results.


  1. Focus on the bigger picture – Distractions can come in all forms and with out warning, but an effective leader can maintain their focus through the distractions. One way they maintain this focus is through organization. Even though they are organized, they are ready for the unexpected and easily adapt or change to the unexpected. This focus is not just on the project at hand. This focus could be for the well being of the company as well as the staff.


  1. Accountability – An effective leader knows what it means to be accountable. A leader that is accountable will not take all the credit nor throw all the fault. They will own up to their share in the task. Arnold Glasow said it best when he said “A good leader takes little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit.” Not only is the leader accountable, but they expect and ensure that everyone on the team is also accountable. The accountability enables everyone to learn and grow.


  1. Passion and Commitment – In order to be an effective leader, you must believe in what you have and that belief radiates as passion. When you have passion, you are more likely to be committed to seeing thing through. After all the best way to encourage people is to lead by example. Your examples will show them that it is worth doing, and they are not doing it alone.


Leadership is not something that can be done once and forgotten about. We must practice these qualities every day. By lacking in one of these areas, or even being a little weak in one of these areas does not mean you are a bad leader, it just means you have to be more aware of your qualities by turning those weaknesses into strengths.



About The New England Team:

The New England Team is a Massachusetts based firm that focuses on sales and marketing consulting with service-based clients. Our team has been able to expand the customer base by thousands with our consultative and personal brand of marketing strategies. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver great results to our clients.

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The New England Team Recognizes Ryan on a Giant Mile Stone

On October 24th, 2016 The New England Team, located in Natick, MA celebrates a huge business mile stone for Manager, Ryan.



Due to the explosive growth The New England Team has experienced in 2016, we are excited to announce the next step in management for Ryan.

Ryan is originally from the Lower East Side/Alphabet City neighborhood of Manhattan in NYC. He is the youngest of 5 brothers which explains his ability to lead as well as take direction. Ryan has always had a strong student mentality and obtained a B.A degree in Political Science from Le Moyne College in Syracuse NY.

Ryan started in the entry level position the same day as our HR Director Rose Treitel. Through his student mentality and leadership abilities, he was promoted to assistant manger a year and half later, and then promoted to management in 2013. Today he takes it a step further in his management career with The New England Team as he takes on additional responsibilities in client acquisitions, territory management and contract negotiations.

We asked Ryan what the top 3 things that guarantee a person success was and he said:

  1. A relentless work ethic.
  2. A student mentality.
  3. A Positive Attitude.

Combining the three of those on a daily basis has continued to allow growth for Ryan as well as his success within The New England Team. We are excited to continue to watch you grow and take our company to new heights Ryan! Congratulations!


Meet The Team Tuesday – Meet Jessica

Meet Jessica Knochin!


Jessica is originally from Canton, Massachusetts where she attended Thayer Academy High School (located in Braintree, Mass). Through high school she played hockey and later attended Mass Bay where she studied engineering and architecture. Upon entering the “real world”, she quickly realized she did not like working with computers as much as she did people.

She started working with Roster. After Roster, Jessica moved to 47 Brand’s Flagship as a Brand Manager. She was a Brand Manager for 4 years before entering her journey with The New England Team. Jessica chose the career change because she wanted to find a place where she could grow as much as she worked. The New England Team gave her a place away from the typical cut-throat corporate environment and a place to blossom with no seniority.

Jessica enjoys all sporting events, especially Hockey. While you will occasionally see her rooting for the Blackhawks during Hockey season, she will always be a Bruins and overall Boston sports fanatic!

More Fun Facts About Jessica:

  1. Her legal name is Jennifer but her parents liked Jessica too!
  2. She did a paper route as a kid.
  3. Her goal is to rebuild a 1968 Ford Mustang
  4. She can skate better than walking in heels (she’s been skating since she was 2!)
  5. She was personally responsible for distributing the B-Strong hats
  6. She designed and donated a hat for the Boston Fire Dept after the back bay Fire (pictured below).


The New England Team Announces New Office Expansion

The entire company is excited to be growing so fast. Best yet, our growth is coming from both new and existing clients.


May 2, 2016 – Natick, MA: The New England Team, a company providing professional outsourced marketing and sales services for US corporations, today announced that they have expanded in to Albany, NY. This office is in addition to their existing locations in Massachusetts, which opened in 2014 and in Rhode Island, which opened in 2015.

“The entire company is excited to be growing so fast. Best yet, our growth is coming from both new and existing clients. As a result, there are great opportunities for our employees to move up in the company and develop professionally,” said President Nick Lafferty. “The expansion into the new location was thoughtfully designed for the team to work effectively and is a perfect environment to welcome clients. It features smartly configured floor plans designed to promote employee productivity in a collaborative environment.

Nick Lafferty, President, said “To become a great company, we need to attract the best and brightest people. Giving them the best office to work, with the most advanced tools and training, is one of the many ways we support our great teams. Our team is excited about our growth and the annex represents a solid commitment to continue to build on our success. The best is yet to come.”

About The New England Team

The New England Team is a Massachusetts based firm that focuses on sales and marketing consulting with service based clients. Our team has been able to expand the customer base by thousands with our consultative and personal brand of marketing strategies. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver great results to our clients.


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